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Secret Files

The New Avengers
In-Depth Synopses and Cover Gallery
by Adrian Watts
The New Avengers 1-12
The New Avengers 13-24

Adrian also examines:
Avengers: United They Stand (the cartoon and the comic) 
and Other Avengers-Related Series

Earth's Mightiest Annotations
Everything from AVENGERS Vol. 3, in exhaustive detail
by Sean McQuaid

A Beginner's Guide to the Avengers
An overview, synopsis, and evaluation of each issue.
by Owen Erasmus

Vol 1, Issues 1-25
Vol 1, Issues 26-50
More to come!

Avengers Lineup
Chronological Full Roster
Chairpersons in Avengers History

Avengers Charter
From the Marvel RPG..
Contributed by Mark Squire

Avengers Year-by-Year Timeline
A "Marvel-Time" look at the events in AVENGERS
from the beginning all the way up to the present

by Paul Bourcier

Avengers Articles

A variety of articles and columns concerning Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Avengers Reviews
Reviews of Avengers-related comics, storylines, books, novels, and etc.

Avengers Chronology
A comprehensive, chronological listing of Marvel Comics issues featuring the Avengers or Avengers members, from the very beginning.
by Bob Fronczak

Dave J. Kirk-Bellamy presents insightful commentary:
The Avengers: Searching for Moments in History

Jess Nevins looks at: 
Timely Comics and their Golden Age Heroes

Complete annotations by the editor,
Keith R.A. DeCandido

Other Avengers-Related Series
In-depth examinations of series other than the main AVENGERS book; includes characters, summaries, and analysis.
by Sean McQuaid
Avengers Annuals
The West Coast Avengers
Giant-Size Avengers
Avengers Spotlight
Avengers Unplugged
Avengers Limited Series
Avengers One-Shot Specials
Operation: Galactic Storm

The Greatest Avengers Stories
Synopses and Story Summaries of the best of AVENGERS over the years, from that fateful first encounter with Loki to Ultron, Kang, and beyond.
Presented by the Jarvis-Heads

The Major Avengers Crossovers
Great AVENGERS crossovers over the years, with issue numbers and recommendations.
Assembled by Brian Zavitz

Writers and Artists
A compilation of all writers and artists who have worked on Avengers over the years, with issue numbers.
by Emmanuel Seyman

Pencillers Only
A compilation of all the pencillers who have worked on Avengers over the years, with issue numbers.
by George Kopec

Avengers appearances in WHAT IF?
with synopses of each

by Scott Harris

Avengers appearances in Marvel Team-Up
by John Warren

Marvel Triple Action
A look at this run of Avengers re-prints; perhaps overlooked at the time, but now beloved by most true fans.
by Dave Peterson and Sean McQuaid

Jason Rivera's Lists
The Avengers Assemble! Site is proud to host the collected lists of the late Jason Rivera, noted Avengers fan/expert and contributor to AOL's Avengers boards.

Avengers Trade Paperback Reprints
Ranked in order of quality by vote of the Avengers Mailing List.
Compiled by Brian Zavitz

The Greatest Avengers Quotes
Contributed by the Jarvis-Heads, the Avengers Mailing List members, and others.

Cover Corner Boxes
A comprehensive look at the many and various pictures in the top-left-corner boxes of every issue of AVENGERS.
by Sean McQuaid

Action Figures
An overview of Earth's Mightiest poseable collectibles.
by Brian Zavitz

The previous edition of this feature.
by Sean McQuaid

Marvels #2 Script
Kurt Busiek's original script for MARVELS #2, direct from the man himself!

Miscellaneous McQuaid
More fabulous files from that master of all things Avengers (and comics-related in general), Sean McQuaid!

The following is now available on the
Story Summaries page:
Walt Simonson's Avengers
Sean offers commentary and synopses of Simonson's first run, from 291-300.
John Byrne's First Run
Sean evaluates Byrne's run, issue by issue, from 305-318.
Byrne on the West Coast
Sean looks at Byrne's stay with the West Coast Avengers, from 37-44.
More of the Avengers West Coast
Sean covers AWC 46-62 in detail, issue by issue.