Giant-Size Avengers was an extra-large Avengers comic book published on a quarterly basis. It only lasted five issues (and the fifth was a reprint of Avengers Annual 1), but GSA is a memorable and pivotal Avengers book since it was intertwined closely with the continuity of the original Avengers series at the time: stories begun in Avengers would continue into Giant-Size Avengers, and vice versa, and as it happens some fairly significant Avengers stories were unfolding during Giant-Size Avengers' short life, including Steve Englehart's acclaimed Celestial Madonna story arc. As such, Giant-Size Avengers featured such major events as the introduction of the Whizzer to the team; Hawkeye's return to the team after his first major leave of absence; the death of the Swordsman, the team's first casualty; the revelation of Mantis as the Celestial Madonna; major revisions to the histories of Kang and the Vision; the marriage of Mantis to the eldest Cotati and their departure from Earth; and the wedding of Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Brief synopses of each issue of Giant-Size Avengers follow below. Each one includes an issue number, publication date, story title and credits, plot synopsis, Avengers roster, cast list and any other pertinent notes.


Giant-Size Avengers # 1 (August, 1974):

"Nuklo--The Invader That Time Forgot!"

By Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler and Dan Adkins.

The Avengers help the Whizzer, an elderly 1940s crimefighter, subdue his rampaging radioactive mutant son, Nuklo. In the process, Scarlet Witch learns that the Whizzer is seemingly her long-lost father.

Avengers Assembled: Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Vision II; Mantis (as provisional member) and Whizzer (as unofficial associate).

Other Characters: Nuklo, Edwin Jarvis (and in flashbacks, the All-Winners Squad, Isbisa, Future Man, Madame Death, High Evolutionary, Bova, Quicksilver and Magneto).

Human Torch in "The Ray of Madness"

In this reprinted 1940s story, the original Human Torch defeats hostile aliens. Sun Girl and Captain America guest star.

Wasp in "The Magician and the Maiden"

In this reprinted story, the Wasp defeats the Magician. Hank Pym guest stars.


Giant-Size Avengers # 2 (November, 1974)

"A Blast From the Past!"

By Steve Englehart and Dave Cockrum.

Hawkeye rejoins the team in time to help the Swordsman rescue the other Avengers from Kang with the aid of Rama-Tut, Kang's benevolent future self. Together, the Avengers and Rama-Tut thwart Kang's latest attempt at world conquest, but not before Kang learns that Mantis is the foretold Celestial Madonna and tries to kill her so that no other man can possess her. The Swordsman hurls himself in front of Mantis, though, and takes the full brunt of Kang's lethal gunfire. Kang and Rama-Tut disappear in Kang's time machine, struggling over Kang's gun. The Swordsman dies in Mantis's arms, convinced that he is a failure even as his fellow Avengers reassure him to the contrary and Mantis realizes, too late, that she still loves him.

Avengers Assembled: Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Swordsman and Vision II; Mantis (as provisional member).

Other Characters: Edwin Jarvis, Rama-Tut, Kang, Agatha Harkness. Also appearing in images from other time periods are Doctor Doom, Scarlet Centurion, Black Panther, Goliath II, Quicksilver, Iron Man (in four incarnations of his armor), Grandmaster, Hulk, Henry Pym (as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket), Wasp, Ravonna, Captain America and Vision II.

The second story in this issue features the Fantastic Four in "Prisoners of the Pharaoh!", depicting their first confrontation with the time tyrant Rama-Tut.


Giant-Size Avengers # 3 (February, 1975)

"...What Time Hath Put Asunder!"

By Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas, Dave Cockrum and Joe Giella.

The Avengers join forces with Rama-Tut and Immortus to defeat Kang and his Legion of the Unliving. In the process, they learn that Immortus is another future incarnation of Kang, and Immortus claims that he can tell them the true origins of the Vision, whom they now believe to be the reconstructed original Human Torch.

Avengers Assembled: Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Vision II; Mantis (as provisional member). Scarlet Witch appears behind the scenes (voice only) but does not participate in the mission.

Other Characters: Legion of the Unliving (Flying Dutchman's Ghost, Midnight, Frankenstein's Monster, Wonder Man, Baron Zemo and Human Torch), Kang, Edwin Jarvis, Agatha Harkness (behind the scenes), Rama-Tut, Immortus.

The second story in this issue is a reprint of Avengers # 2, in which the Avengers defeat the Space Phantom and the Hulk resigns from the group.


Giant-Size Avengers # 4 (June, 1975)

"...Let All Men Bring Together!"

By Steve Englehart, Don Heck and John Tartag.

While Immortus, Libra and the Cotati Swordsman explain the origins of Mantis and Moondragon to the Avengers, Vision rescues Scarlet Witch from Dormammu and proposes marriage, which the Scarlet Witch accepts. Immortus then presides over a double wedding, marrying Vision to Scarlet Witch and Mantis to the Cotati Swordsman. Mantis and her husband depart for outer space to consummate their marriage, though not before the Avengers officially declare Mantis a member of their team. Kang tries again to abduct Mantis for himself, but the Avengers and Immortus thwart the kidnapping and the two newly married couples happily embark on their respective honeymoons.

Avengers Assembled: Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision II and Mantis; Moondragon (as non-member ally).

Other Characters: Dormammu, Umar, Gaea, Cotati Swordsman, Libra, Immortus, Titanic Three (Crimson Dynamo III, Radioactive Man and Titanium Man), Kang, Agatha Harkness and Space Phantom.

The second and third stories in this issue are reprints featuring the original Ant-Man's first battle with Egghead (from Tales to Astonish) and Black Widow's first solo story (from Amazing Adventures): "Betrayed By the Ants!!" and "Then Came...The Black Widow".


Giant-Size Avengers # 5

This issue reprints the story from Avengers Annual # 1. This is the final issue of Giant-Size Avengers.