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David Kirk-Bellamy gives us dramatic recreations of two great moments in the early history of the AVENGERS, along with issue credits:
Avengers 1-13
Avengers 14-23

Scott Thede presents summaries of the early Avengers issues:

Avengers #1: The Coming of the Avengers!
Avengers #2: The Avengers Battle... the Space Phantom
Avengers #3: The Avengers Meet... Sub-Mariner

Adrian Watts presents summaries of more early Avengers issues:

Avengers #4: Captain America Joins...the Avengers!
Avengers #16: The Old Order Changeth!

Scott Harris presents Avengers #32-33: The Sons of the Serpent!

Scott Harris presents summary/reviews of Avengers #42, 43, and 44, the Red Guardian storyline.

Avengers #57: Behold: The Vision!by Vincent Alvarez

Avengers #58: Even an Android can cry! by Vincent Alvarez

Scott Harris presents summary/reviews of the Hawkeye-as-Goliath issues:

Avengers 63
Avengers 64
Avengers 65

Avengers #66-67: Ultron gains Adamantium, pt.1 by Vincent Alvarez

Avengers #68: Ultron gains Adamantium, pt.2 by Vincent Alvarez

Avengers #69-71: Kang! (by Ladd Everitt)

Scott Harris presents Avengers #73-74: Return of the Sons of the Serpent!

King-Size Avengers #2: Old vs. New!

The Kree-Skrull War, including the covers, contributed by Jeanne Burch:

Avengers #89-#91: The Kree-Skrull War, part 1
Avengers #92-#93: The Kree-Skrull War, part 2
Avengers #94-#97: The Kree-Skrull War, part 3

Avengers #106-#108: Space Phantom and the Grim Reaper

Avengers #113: The Living Bombs! by Scott Harris

Avengers #120-#122: The Zodiac

Avengers #128: Bewitched, Bothered, and Dead! by Vincent Alvarez.

Avengers #129: Bid Tomorrow Goodbye! and Giant-Sized Avengers #2 by Raymond van der Geugten

Avengers #137-#138: The Stranger?  by Vincent Alvarez.

Avengers #149: Orka the Killer Whale!

Avengers #158-#159: Graviton

Avengers #161-#162 and #170-#171: Ultron

Avengers #164-#166: Count Nefaria

Avengers #158-166 reviewed by John Warren.

Avengers #167-177: The Korvac Saga

Scans of the covers and extra pages from the Korvac Trade Paperback collection

Avengers Annual #7/Two-In-One Annual #2: Thanos

Avengers #190-191: Grey Gargoyle (by Ladd Everitt)

Avengers #194-#196: Taskmaster!

Avengers #200: Marcus Immortus & Ms. Marvel

Avengers Annual #10: The Final Fate of Ms. Marvel

Avengers Annual #9: Arsenal

Avengers crossover in X-Men #190-191, by Scott Harris

Sean McQuaid presents:
Synopses and Analysis

The Walt Simonson Era
Avengers 291
Avengers 292
Avengers 293
Avengers 294
Avengers 295
Avengers 296
Avengers 297
Avengers 298
Avengers 299
Avengers 300

The John Byrne Era
Avengers 305
Avengers 306
Avengers 307
Avengers 308
Avengers 309
Avengers 310
Avengers 311
Avengers 312
Avengers 313
Avengers 314
Avengers 315
Avengers 316
Avengers 317
Avengers 318

John Byrne on West Coast Avengers
WCA 37
WCA 38
WCA 39
WCA 40
WCA 41
WCA 42
WCA 43
WCA 44

Avengers West Coast
AWC 46
AWC 47
AWC 48
AWC 49
AWC 50
AWC 51
AWC 52
AWC 53
AWC 54
AWC 55
AWC 56
AWC 57
AWC 58
AWC 59
AWC 60
AWC 61
AWC 62

(Paperback) The Man Who Stole Tomorrow: Kang

MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION! Dave Peterson and Sean McQuaid look at this run of Avengers re-prints; perhaps overlooked at the time, but now beloved by most true fans...

Graphic novels and collections containing Avengers and associated characters, compiled by Brian Zavitz, with contributions from the Avengers Mailing List.