The New Avengers #13-24

An in-depth synopsis at the second 12 issues of New Avengers.
Adrian Watts

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N.B. - I tried to be objective in these summaries, but I really couldn't. Sorry. If you see a snide remark, ignore it. :P

New Avengers #13 Cover - Click to Enlarge #13 - (No Title Given)
By Brian Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki
Line Up: Captain America I, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman I, Wolverine
Guest Stars: Ken Harada/Silver Samurai, Ronin, Viper/Madame Hydra, Jarvis

What happened:
We are first to a one-page text recap of the first twelve issues, focusing mostly on BREAKOUT with a brief summary of the SENTRY arc. Turning the page shows Ken Harada surrounded by Hand ninjas, and the Avengers in his face. Captain America announces that the Avengers are there to make sure no hand power base is established in Japan (twenty-five years too late, Cap).

Harada reveals that he was kidnapped and taken prisoner by the United States, and asks Captain America why. Captain America says that the Avengers had travelled to Japan to find that out. Meanwhile, a man in a suit insists Harada lead the Hand ninjas to victory against the Avengers. Harada attacks the ninjas instead, until Iron Man releases a 'concussion blast' that, while detonating in an enclosed area, takes out only the ninjas and the man in the suit, leaving everyone else standing.

Luke Cage asks Iron Man why he didn't do that earlier when they were fighting ninjas, and he replies that the Avengers were in the way - however, Harada was in the way when he did do it and seemed unaffected... *sigh*

Harada tries to speak with the Avengers and make some sense out of recent events, but Luke Cage punches him. Captain America stops him from doing it again, and Iron Man explains that Harada's was one of the files retrieved from SHIELD that listed its subject as dead, when clearly he is not.

Cap tries to explain that SHIELD was responsible for Harada's situation, not the US government, and even goes so far as to say that America is not the Avengers' country.

  The Avengers leave, and take Viper with them. While they fly home, they see Harada has gone to the press with what happened. Iron Man declares the Avengers will soon have to reveal themselves to the press, too.

Luke Cage and Spider-Man pester Ronin to find out who she is, and guess Shang-Chi and Iron Fist. Cap tells them to stop.

Spider-Woman looks at Cap. Spider-Woman looks at Viper, who is tied coccoon-style. Spider-Woman looks at Jarvis. Spider-Woman looks at Spider-Man and Ronin. Spider-Woman's hand goes near a door release. Spider-Woman's hand touches the door release. Cap turns around to see Spider-Woman's hand touch the door release. The door is released.

Cap and Viper fall out, Spider-Woman jumps out and catches Cap. Ronin insists she can fly the quinjet, so Iron Man jumps out and saves them. Iron Man says there is no sign of Viper. Cap and Ronin give Spider-Woman dirty looks, as the others wonder how Viper freed herself.

Back at Stark Tower, Ronin reveals herself to be Maya Lopez - Echo!

The next morning, Spider-Woman is eating cereal. Cap says good morning, grabs a glass of milk, sits down, and asks "Who are you working for?"


New Avengers #14 Cover - Click to Enlarge #14 - (No Title Given)
By Brian Bendis, Frank Cho
Line Up: Spider-Woman I, Captain America I, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine
Guest Stars: Kat Farrell, J. Jonah Jameson, Sentry, Nick Fury

What happened:
As always, the first page summarises every issue to date.

Kat Farrell at the Daily Bugle receives a call from her mother, telling her that Stark Tower has just 'lit up'. Kat looks out the window and sees Stark Tower with the Sentry's Watchtower on top of it and a quinjet flying toward it. Inside the Tower, Captain America once again asks Spider-Woman who she is working for. Spider-Woman asks him to trust her. He asks what Viper has over her. Spider-Woman stalls for time so that Frank Cho can draw a splash page full of poor proportions and grossly distorted features.

Spider-Woman recounts her history for Cap, then adds that one day her powers 'crapped-out' on her. She tells Cap that Hydra came to her, offering her her powers back, on the condition that she return to SHIELD as a double agent. Spider-Woman says she contacted Nick Fury and explained the situation, and he agreed so that they could turn the tables back on Hydra.

Spider-Woman then recounts the surgical process by which she reclaimed her ample brea - er, her powers. She says she was just getting the hang of double agentry when Cap and pals had their 'Secret War', after which Nick Fury went away. No-one else at SHIELD knew what she was doing, so she was stuck, and then Hydra pressured her to accept Cap's offer of Avengers membership.

She says she felt bad for almost killing Cap and that she doesn't know where Fury is. Cap turns to the side and asks: "Do you guys believe her?"

The page is turned... and all of the New Avengers and the Sentry are revealed to be in the room. (Some spy Spider-Woman is - she didn't hear them come in?) They all accept her story, and her phone rings.

It is Fury on the line, and he tells them to turn on the TV. They do, and see a barrage of news stories regarding their tower.


#15 - (No Title Given)
By Brian Bendis, Frank Cho
Line Up: Captain America I, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Woman I, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Sentry
Guest Stars: Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel), Klaw, Jarvis, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, Kat Farrell, Jessica Jones, Mary-Jane Watson-Parker, May Parker, Hydra Agent Connelly

What happened:
As always, recap of all existing issues. *yawn*

We first see Ms. Marvel fighting Klaw and revealing that she now has a blog. In fact, most narration in the issue comes from her blog entries. The fight goes on for several pages, until a soldier of some kind tells Carol that the radio said that the Avengers were announcing a new lineup.

Carol flies to the Tower, and is let in by Jarvis. She finds the Avengers, Luke Cage and Cap say hello and Iron Man asks if everything is okay. She says she was just in the neighbourhood. Carol and Cap chat, and Cap says she can join the New Avengers if she wants.

Carol discusses House of M and how she has realised she is nothing like the person she could be.

Wolverine is reluctant to meet the press. Spider-Man is also reluctant, citing his problems with the Daily Bugle as the reason(s) why. Next thing he knows, JJJ, Robbie Robertson and Kat Farrell are in the house. JJJ isn't happy with Spider-Man being a member, but Iron Man says if the Bugle lays off him they will have exclusive access to Avengers news.

JJJ agrees. The Avengers - sans Wolverine - go outside to a cheering public.

Then they see the Bugle headlines. It criticises Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Wolverine and Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman and Wolverine leave to drink their woes away as Jessica Jones says she'll quit the Bugle.

Alone in a bar, Spider-Woman is met by Hydra Agent Connelly. They discuss Jessica's revelations to the Avengers and she mentions Fury's semi-return. Connelly is surprisingly happy.

NOTE: If BENDIS! ever wants to write for your newspaper, don't let him. Either he things J. Jonah Jameson is woefully incompetent, or he's never read a newspaper in his life. JJJ's editorial is so sub-par it makes baby Pulitzers cry.