The Avengers Assemble! Website
is proud to present Jason Rivera's "lists"
from the AOL Avengers Board.

Jason passed away in the last year, and was commemorated by Kurt Busiek and George Perez in the pages of AVENGERS vol. 3, #6, as the character "Dr. Rivera."

List #1: Avengers member appearances from vol. 1, #1-402, categorized by issue number.

List #2: Avengers member appearances from vol.1, #1-402, categorized by member.

List #3: Avengers Chairpersons

List #4: The Masters of Evil

List #5: Honorary Avengers and "hangers on"

List #6: Status: When each member joined, when they were chairperson, etc

List #7: Roster changes by issue number

List #8: Roster changes for West Coast Avengers, plus WCA villains and the Great Lakes Avengers

List #9: Ultron!

List # 10: Avengers villains and their schemes

List #11: The Wasp: her many costume changes

List #12: Jason Rivera's anniversary note to the AOLers, prior to his death.

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