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Rosters & Profiles
The Complete Avengers from A to Z
by Sean McQuaid
Alphabetical listings of all Avengers-affiliated characters, 
with full details of their histories.

Individual Profiles with Images
by Sean McQuaid,
Assembled & Edited by Van Plexico
The major Avengers, each on an individual page, with images.

Chronological Roster Listing  
with membership status and issue they joined.
Current Roster
Chairpersons in Avengers History
Avengers Apprearances At-A-Glance  
A quick checklist of who's in what issue-- heroes, villains, guests; as well as who joins, who quits, and more.
Quick Tally-- Avengers Appearances in Related Series  
Tallying the appearances made by Avengers characters in various books and series starring the Avengers as title characters.
First Appearances:  
In what issue of what comic did they make their first appearance?
   Avengers Members
   Honorary Members
   Supporting Cast
   Great Lakes Avengers
   1950s Avengers
Issue-by-Issue Appearances List:  
 Comprehensive Guide, by Bob Fronczak, formatted by David Medinnus
   Avengers Core Rosters  
   An issue-by-issue breakdown of the team's core rosters.
   Other Avengers Appearances  
   Avengers members participating in a story, but not part of the core team at the time.
   Avengers Unofficial/Honorary Members  
   Heroes closely associated with the team, but not official members at the time.
   Avengers Allies--Guest Appearances  
   Appearances of characters who have never been official members of the team.
   Avengers Staff and Supporting Characters  
   From Jarvis to the many other supporting characters who have hung around the Mansion over the years.
   Avengers Villains Appearances   
   Bring on the baddies! What issues did Ultron appear in? It's all here!
Avengers on Other Teams   
Avengers members who have also participated as members in other super-hero teams.
A special section reviewing the many appearances of perhaps the Avengers' greatest foe-- the adamantium terror known as Ultron!  by Rob Clough.
A special section reviewing the many appearances of perhaps the Avengers' OTHER greatest foe-- the Mad Master of Time known as Kang!  by Rob Clough, with Owen Erasmus, Michael Proteau, John Simons, and Lonni Holland.
Other Avengers Villains:
The baddies who make life so miserable for our heroes--and usually for themselves!
   Top Ten Avengers Villains   
As selected by vote of the Avengers Mailing List (with great cover appearances).
   The Masters of Evil   
An overview and analysis of the Avengers' chief team of super-foes, by Sean McQuaid.
   The Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil   
   The Crimson Cowl's Various Teams, by Sean McQuaid.
   What we've got here ain't nothin' but good old fashioned Communism!  
   A quick look at the enemies who have made the Avengers see Red over the years, by Sean McQuaid.
   He was Jim Shooter's answer to Superman battling the Avengers.  
   But what's the deal with this guy?  Did he die or not? by Van Plexico
Supplemental Character Information:
A collection of Supplemental character files from Sean McQuaid's Earth's Mightiest Annotations.
   The X-Men
   The New Warriors
   Lightning Rods
   Moon Knight
   The Minions of Dominus
   Nova (Richard Rider)
   The Zodiac