Avengers at a Glance

By Sean McQuaid

Trying to remember when characters like Hellcat or Sandman joined the Avengers? Wondering when the group fought, say, the Kallusians or the Legion of the Unliving or the Weathermen? Sifting though your collection or the back issue bins in search of a particular story? If so, this resource is for you. I'd been meaning to concoct something like this for years by the time I finally got around to it--a list of all the comics title-featuring the Avengers, with super-concise notes on the basic events of each issue, not unlike the format used by many comic book price guides. Included here are listings for the various Avengers ongoing series: Avengers (all three series), Avengers Annual, Giant-Size Avengers, West Coast Avengers, West Coast Avengers Annual, Avengers West Coast, Avengers West Coast Annual and Avengers Unplugged, plus various Avengers limited series and one-shots. Uniform abbreviations are used for brevity's sake, so here's a made-up sample entry to give you an idea of how to read this list:


403 V: Aunt JeMimic; A: Waffle Woman; J: Texas Twister and Shooting Star; Q: Hercules; R: Hellcat; 1: Chartreuse Bumblebee; D: USAgent

Okay, according to the above entry, Avengers 403 features Aunt JeMimic as the story's villain (žVÓ); Waffle Woman's first appearance with the team (žAÓ, a notation generally reserved for significant characters, mostly those who go on to join the group or become close recurring allies); Texas Twister and Shooting Star joining the Avengers (žJÓ); Hercules quitting the Avengers (žQÓ); Hellcat returning to the Avengers (žRÓ); the Chartreuse Bumblebee's first apperance anywhere (ž1Ó); and the death of the USAgent (žDÓ). Most of the notes in this list fall under those seven abbreviated headings, though additional notes that don't really fall into any particular category are also added in a few spots where appropriate.

There are two major exceptions to this system: one-shots (which I cover in capsule accounts of their basic plots) and Solo Avengers (later renamed Avengers Spotlight), a series which featured a variety of Avengers characters on a rotating basis but seldom featured the Avengers as a team. A sample entry from this series reads as follows:

Avengers Spotlight

23 F: Hawkeye/Vision II; V: Mad Dog, Bobcat, Bullet Biker, Death-Throws/Smog Alert; G: Trick Shot/AWC

So according to that, Avengers Spotlight # 23 featured (žFÓ) a Hawkeye story and a Vision story; the villains (žVÓ) Hawkeye faced were Mad Dog, Bobcat, Bullet Biker and the Death-Throws; the villains Vision faced were Smog Alert; guest appearances (žGÓ) in the Hawkeye story included Trick Shot; and guest appearances in the Vision story included the AWC.

Incidentally, you'll notice that characters in this text and related documents sometimes have Roman numerals after their name, like Vision II. This simply indicates that the character in question isn't the first significant character to use that name. Vision II is the second Marvel character to be known as the Vision, Black Knight III is the third Marvel character to be known as the Black Knight, and so on.


1 V: Loki; J: Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk II and Rick Jones; A: Fantastic Four

2 V: Space Phantom; Q: Hulk II.

3 V: Hulk II and Sub-Mariner; A: Spider-Man and X-Men

4 V: Sub-Mariner and D'Bari; J: Captain America.

5 V: Lava Men

6-7 V: Masters of Evil

8 V: Kang

9 V: Masters of Evil; 1 & A: Wonder Man

10 V: Masters of Evil and Immortus

11 V: Kang; A: Spider-Man

12 V: Mole Man and Red Ghost

13 V: Count Nefaria

14 V: Kallusians and the Yirbek

15 V: Masters of Evil

16 V: Masters of Evil; J: Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch; Q: Thor, Iron Man, Giant-Man (formerly Ant-Man) and Wasp; A: Edwin Jarvis.

17 V: Mole Man, Leader and Minotaur

18 V: Commissar

19-20 V: Mandarin and Swordsman; 1 & J & Q: Swordsman

21-22 V: Enchantress and Power Man

23-24 V: Kang

25 V: Doctor Doom

26-27 V: Attuma

28 V: Collector; R: Goliath (formerly Giant-Man) and Wasp

29-30 V: Black Widow II, Power Man and Swordsman; A: Black Widow II

30-31 V: Prince Rey and Keeper of the Flame

32-33 V: Sons of the Serpent; 1: Bill Foster

34-35 V: Living Laser

36-37 V: Ixar and the Ultroids

38 V: Enchantress; A: Hercules

39 V: Mad Thinker and Triumvirate of Terror

40 V: Sub-Mariner

41-42 V: Diablo and Dragon Man

43-44 V: Red Guardian II, Colonel Ling and Doctor Yen.

45 V: Super-Adaptoid; J: Hercules

46 V: Whirlwind

47-49 V: Magneto; 1 & A: Black Knight III; Q: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

50 V: Typhon; Q: Hercules

51 V: Collector; A: Black Panther

52 V: Grim Reaper; J: Black Panther

53 V: Magneto, A: X-Men (including Beast)

54-55 V: Ultron and Masters of Evil

56 V: Baron Zemo

57 V: Ultron; 1 & A: Vision II

58 J: Vision II

59-60 V: Circus of Crime

61 V: Surtur and Ymir

62 V: Man-Ape

63-65 V: Egghead, Mad Thinker, Puppet Master and Swordsman

66-68 V: Ultron

69-71 V: Kang, Grandmaster and Squadron Sinister; A: Invaders; J: Black Knight III

72 V: Zodiac; A: Captain Marvel

73-74 V: Sons of the Serpent

75-76 V: Arkon; Q: Yellowjacket (formerly Goliath) and Wasp; R: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

77 V: Cornelius Van Lunt, Kronus and Split-Second Squad

78-79 V: Lethal Legion

80-82 V: Cornelius Van Lunt and Zodiac; A: Red Wolf III and Daredevil

83 V: Enchantress and Masters of Evil

84 V: Enchantress and Arkon

85-86 V: Brain-Child; 1&A: Squadron Supreme

87 Q: Black Panther

88 V: Psyklop; A: Falcon II

89-97 (žKree-Skrull WarÓ) V: Ronan, Sentry, Annihilus, Super-Skrull, Kree, Skrulls, Supreme Intelligence, Maximus; A: Captain Marvel, Inhumans

98-100 V: Ares and Enchantress

101 V: Leonard Tippit

102-104 V: Grim Reaper and Sentinels; Q: Quicksilver

105 V: Savage Land Mutates; R: Black Panther

106-108 V: Space Phantom, Grim Reaper and HYDRA

109 V: Imus Champion; Q: Hawkeye

110-111 V: Magneto; J: Black Widow II

112 V: Lion God; Q: Black Widow; 1: Mantis

113 V: Living Bombs

114 V: Lion God; R: Swordsman; A: Mantis

115-118 (žAvengers-Defenders ClashÓ) V: Loki and Dormammu, Troglodytes, Sunfire; A: Defenders

119 V: Collector

120-123 V: Zodiac

123-124 V: Star-Stalker

125 V: Thanos

126 V: Klaw and Solarr; Q: Captain America and Black Panther

127 V: Ultron

128 V: Necrodamus

128-129 V: Kang

130 V: Slasher II and Titanic Three

131-132 V: Kang and Legion of Unliving

133-135 V: none (histories of Mantis and Vision); A: Moondragon

137-138 V: Toad; R: Yellowjacket and Wasp; A: Beast

139 V: Whirlwind; Patsy Walker cameo

140-144/147-149 V: Brand, Roxxon, Kang, Buzz Baxter, Squadron Supreme, Serpent Crown and Orka; A: Two-Gun Kid (later a member); A: Patsy Walker; 1 & A: Hellcat (formerly Patsy Walker)

145-146 V: Assassin

150-151 Q: Thor; J: Beast; J: Hellcat and Moondragon

152 V: Black Talon II

153 V: Living Laser and Serpent Crown; R: Whizzer

154-156 V: Doctor Doom, Attuma, Lord Arno and Tyrak

157 V: Black Knight statue

158-159 V: Graviton; R: Black Panther and Thor

160 V: Grim Reaper

161-162 V: Ultron; 1 & A: Jocasta

163 V: Typhon; A: Champions

164-166 V: Count Nefaria and Lethal Legion

167-168 V: Porcupine, Korvac, Carina and Collector; A: Guardians of the Galaxy and Gyrich

169 V: Jason Beere

170-171 V: Ultron; A: Ms. Marvel; R: Jocasta

172-177 V: Korvac, Carina and Collector; R: Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Hercules, Captain Marvel, Black Widow II, Whizzer, Moondragon and Two-Gun Kid; Q: Whizzer and Two-Gun Kid.

178 V: Manipulator

179-180 V: Stinger II and Monolith; A: Bloodhawk

181-182 V: Gyrich, Django Maximoff; most members forced off active roster

183-184 V: Absorbing Man; J: Ms. Marvel

185-187 V: Chthon and Modred; J: Falcon II

188 V: Elements of Doom

189 V: Deathbird

190-191 V: Grey Gargoyle and Gyrich

192-193 V: Inferno II

194 J: Wonder Man; Q: Falcon

195-196 V: Taskmaster; A: Ant-Man II

197-199 V: Red Ronin

200 V: Marcus Immortus; Q: Ms. Marvel

201-202 V: Ultron

203 V: Crawlers

204-205 V: Yellow Claw

206 V: Thermal Man

207-208 V: Berserker

209 V: Devlunn

210 V: Samarobryn and the Weathermen

211 V: Moondragon; Q: Scarlet Witch, Vision II, Beast, Wonder Man and Jocasta; R: Yellowjacket; A: Moon Knight; J: Tigra

212 V: Elfqueen and Gorn

213 V&Q: Yellowjacket

214 V: Ghost Rider IV

215-216 V: Molecule Man; Q: Tigra; A: Silver Surfer

217 V: Egghead and Mechano-Marauder

218 V: Morgan MacNeil Hardy, Andy and Tepper

219-220 V: Moondragon

221 V: Mechano-Marauder; R: Hawkeye; J: She-Hulk

222 V: Egghead and Masters of Evil

223 V: Taskmaster

224 V: Egghead

225-226 V: Fomor; A: Doctor Druid

227 V: Egghead and Plantman; J: Captain Marvel II

228-230 V: Egghead and Masters of Evil; Q: Iron Man

231-232 V: Plantman; J: Starfox

233 V: Annihilus; R: Vision II and Scarlet Witch.

234 V: Scarlet Witch origin

235 V: Wizard

236-238 V: Blackout, Moonstone II, Electro, Rhino, Lava Men.

239 V: Mechano-Marauder; A: Mockingbird

240-241 V: Morgan Le Fay; A: Shroud

242-243 V: Beyonder, Immortus and ISAAC; Q: She-Hulk

244-245 V: Dire Wraiths

246-250 V: Maelstrom, Deathurge and Surtur; R: Hercules

251 V: Baron Brimstone; A: Paladin

252 V: Blood Brothers; R: Black Knight III

253 V: Quasimodo and ISAAC

254 V: ISAAC and Immortus

255-261 V: Nebula, Terminus, Skrulls and Beyonder; A: Firelord; Q: Vision II and Scarlet Witch, Starfox.

262 J: Sub-Mariner; A: Stingray

263 V: Enclave, Melter and Scourge

264 V: Yellowjacket II

265-266 V: Beyonder

267-269 V: Kang

270 V: Moonstone II, Masters of Evil

271 V: Masters of Evil

272 V: Attuma; Q: Sub-Mariner; A: Marrina

273-277 V: Masters of Evil; R: Thor; A: Doctor Druid

278 V: Tyrak; Q: Wasp; R: She-Hulk

279 J: Doctor Druid

280 Jarvis spotlight

281-285 V: Zeus and the Olympian Gods; Q: Hercules

286-290 V: Super-Adaptoid and Heavy Metal; A: Machine Man

291-293 V: Leviathan; D: Marrina

294-297 V: Terminatrix; Q: Thor, Black Knight III, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel II and Doctor Druid.

298-300 (žInfernoÓ) V: Nanny, Orphan-Maker, N'astirh; R: Captain, Thor; J: Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Gilgamesh.

301-303 V: Supernova; A: Quasar

304 V: Puma and U-Foes

305-307 V: Lava Men; Q: Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman; J: Firebird and Quasar III (both officially); mass meeting of all available past and present Avengers; new reservist policy.

308-310 V: Blastaar; A: Sersi; Q: Gilgamesh

311-313 (žActs of VengeanceÓ) V: Loki, Doctor Doom, Freedom Force, Mandarin and Wizard

314-318 V: Nebula and the Stranger; J: Sersi; J&Q: Spider-Man

319-324 (žThe Crossing LineÓ) V: Peace Corpse/Combine and People's Protectorate; J: Stingray

325 V: Skeleton Crew

326-331 V: Surge, LD 50, Tetrachs of Entropy, Ngh the Unspeakable; J: Rage and Sandman; R: Black Widow II, She-Hulk, Hercules, Black Knight III, Captain Marvel II, Falcon II, Spider-Man.

332-333 V: Doctor Doom

334-339 (žCollection ObsessionÓ) V: Brethren and Collector; J: Crystal

340 V: Itzhak Berditchev

341-342 V: Sons of the Serpent; Q: Rage; A: Marvel Boy III and Firestar

343-344 V: Gatherers; A: Swordsman II and Magdalene (as adversaries)

345-347 (žOperation: Galactic StormÓ) V: Supreme Intelligence, Kree and Shi'ar

348 D: Miles Lipton

349 V: Ares & Hera

350-351 V: Starjammers; R: Binary

352-354 V: Grim Reaper

355-357 V: Gatherers

358-359 V: Arkon and Thundra

360-363 V: Gatherers

364-366 V: Kree; A: Deathcry

367 quiet time, Vision spotlight

368-369 (žBlood TiesÓ) V: Exodus and Fabian Cortez; R: Quicksilver

370-371 V: Deviants

372-375 V: Gatherers; Q: Black Knight III and Sersi

376 Crystal spotlight

377 Quicksilver spotlight

378-379 V: Kree, Mephisitoid and Alabar

380-382 V: Exodus

383 Fantastic Force

384 V: Zeus and Hera

385-388 V: Red Skull, AIM

389 V: Gyrich

390-395 (žThe CrossingÓ) V: Kang, Mantis, Neut, Iron Man and the Twins; R: Thor, Wasp, Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision; D: Gilgamesh, Yellowjacket II, Marilla, Iron Man; J: Masque and Iron Boy (teen Iron Man).

396 V: Zodiac

397-399 V: various; Q: Masque

400 V: Loki

401-402 V: Onslaught


Avengers (v2)

1-12 (žHeroes RebornÓ) Adventures in the Franklinverse

13 (crossover with Wildstorm characters)

Avengers (v3)

1-3 V: Morgan Le Fay; A: Justice and Firestar; R: Thor, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Wasp, Rick Jones, Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hercules, Black Panther, Vision II, Black Knight III, Black Widow II, Beast, Moondragon, Binary, Falcon II, Wonder Man, Tigra, She-Hulk, Photon, Starfox, Sub-Mariner, Firebird, D-Man, USAgent, Quasar III, Sersi, Stingray, Rage, Sandman, Machine Man, Spider-Woman II, Living Lightning, Crystal, Darkhawk, Swordsman II and Magdalene; Q: Hulk, War Machine, Thing, Moon Knight, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Spider-Man; team reunites after Onslaught disbanding.


Avengers Annual

1 V: Mandarin, Power Man, Swordsman, Enchantress, Executioner, Living Laser and Ultimo; R: Thor and Iron Man

2 V: Scarlet Centurion

6 V: Living Laser, Serpent Crown, Nuklo and Whirlwind; A: Wonder Man and Whizzer

7 V: Thanos; D: Adam Warlock

8 V: Doctor Spectrum II

9 V: Arsenal and Mistress

10 V: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants II

11 V: Nebulon and Supernalia

12 V: Maximus and the Enclave

13 V: Fixer and Arnim Zola

14 V: Skrulls

15 V: Freedom Force; A: Spider-Woman II

16 V: Grandmaster and Legion of Unliving

17 V: High Evolutionary; R & Q: Hercules; R&D: Jocasta; J: Yellowjacket II

18 V: Ghaur, Llyra, Set, Atlanteans

19 V: Terminus

20 V: Brutus, Subterraneans

21 V: Kang and Terminatrix

22 V: Bloodwraith

23 V: Typhon

Giant-Size Avengers

1 V: Nuklo; A: Whizzer

2 V: Kang; R: Hawkeye; D: Swordsman

3 V: Kang and Legion of Unliving

4 V: Kang and Dormammu; J&Q: Mantis

West Coast Avengers LS

1 J: Mockingbird, Iron Man II; A: Shroud.

2-4 V: Graviton & Blank.

West Coast Avengers

1-2 V: Grim Reaper, Nekra, Ultron, Black Talon II, Goliath III, Man-Ape; R: Iron Man; R: Hank Pym (as staff member)

3 V: Kraven; A: Thing

4 V: Master Pandemonium; A; Firebird

5 V: Werewolf

6 V: Cat People

7 V: Ultron

8-9 V: Master Pandemonium; J: Thing

10 V: Headlok and Griffin; Q: Thing and Firebird

11 V: Shockwave, Razorfist and Zaran

12-13 V: Graviton, Zzzaxx, Quantum and Halflife

14-15 V: Allatou, Master Pandemonium and Cat People

16 V: Whirlwind and Tiger Shark

17-24 V: Dominus, Phantom Rider, Rama-Tut, Iron Mask, etc. R: Firebird (as Espirita), Doctor Pym (as member); A: Moon Knight; R&Q: Two-Gun Kid.

25 V: Abomination

26-28 V: Zodiac

29 V: Cornelus Van Lunt

30 V: Sligs

31 V: Phantom Rider and Arkon; Q: Iron Man

32 V: Yetrigar and Phantom Rider; R: Wasp

33-36 V: Madame X, El Toro, Beasts of Berlin, Scarlet Beetles, Quicksilver, Kristoff, Voice and Phantom Rider; J: Moon Knight; R: Vision II and Scarlet Witch

37 V: Voice; Q: Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Tigra, Doctor Pym and Wasp; R: Mantis

38 V: Defiler

39 V: Phantom Rider; Q: Mantis

40 V: Night Shift

41 V: Phantom Rider

42-45 V: Cameron Brock; R: Doctor Pym, Wasp, Tigra, Mockingbird; J: USAgent

46 1: GLA; Q: Hawkeye and Mockingbird

47-49 V: That Which Endures

50 J: Human Torch; R: Iron Man

51-52 V: Master Pandemonium and Mephisto

53-55 (žActs of VengeanceÓ) V: Loki, Magneto, U-Foes, Mole Man; Q: Vision II

56-57 V: Magneto, Scarlet Witch; R: Quicksilver

58 V: Vibro

59 V: Immortus

60-62 V: Magneto, Immortus, Legion of the Unliving and Tempus; R: Hawkeye

63 1: Living Lightning

64 V: Stevie

65-68 V: Grim Reaper, Ultron, Nekra and Mandrill; R: Tigra

69 V: Pacific Overlords; Q: USAgent; J: Machine Man

70-74: V: Doctor Demonicus and Pacific Overlords; R: USAgent; J: Spider-Woman II and Living Lightning; Q: Doctor Pym, Wasp and Tigra.

75 V: Arkon and Thundra

76-79 V: Satannish, Hangman II and Night Shift

80-82 (žGalactic StormÓ) V: Kree, Skrulls and Shi'ar

83 V: Hyena

84-86 V: Deathweb, Manipulator and Mike Clemson.

87-88 V: Bogatyri; Q: Iron Man; R: Mockingbird

89-91 V: Ultron and Alkhema; Q: Wonder Man

92 V: Goliath III

93-95 V: Doctor Demonicus, Klaw, Zvezda Dennista, Pacific Overlords; J: Darkhawk; R: War Machine (formerly Iron Man II).

96-97 V: Quantum and Power Platoon.

98-100 V: Satannish, Hangman II, Lethal Legion and Mephisto; D: Mockingbird

101 V: Exodus and Fabian Cortez

102 V: Nel Yomtov, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; Q: Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, USAgent and Spider-Woman II.


1 V: Nefarius and Moonstone II

2 V: Graviton

3 V: Super-Android Model F-4

4 V: Titania II, Absorbing Man and a cast of thousands

5 V: Controller

6 V: Bloodwraith

Avengers: Terminatrix Objective

1-4 V: Terminatrix, Kang, Alioth

X-Men vs. The Avengers

1-4 V: Magneto, Soviet Super-Soldiers


Avengers: Death Trap, The Vault

(The Avengers face a mass superhuman jailbreak led by Venom.)

Avengers: Emperor Doom

(Doctor Doom conquers the world through the power of the Purple Man, and only the Avengers can resist him.)

Avengers: The Korvac Saga

(Reprints the Avengers' conflict with the mad man-god Korvac; includes new epilogue story featuring the Avengers laying Korvac to rest.)

Avengers Strikefile

(The surviving Kree swear vengeance on the Avengers, whom they wrongly blame for the destruction of the intergalactic Kree Empire.)

Avengers: The Crossing

(As the Avengers reunite to celebrate the anniversary of their founding, Iron Man inexplicably murders Marilla and Yellowjacket while Gilgamesh turns up on the team's doorstep near death. Continues into the ongoing Avengers series.)

Avengers: Timeslide

(Continued from žThe CrossingÓ storyline in the ongoing Avengers series. The Avengers retrieve a teen-age Iron Man from the past to battle the corrupt Iron Man of the present.)


(Grandmaster and Loki use the Avengers and the otherdimensional super-team Ultraforce as pawns in a contest for ownership of the Infinity Gems, but the game proves pointless when the gems merge into a sentient being bent on remaking reality. Continues in Ultraforce/Avengers.)


(Continued from Avengers/Ultraforce. The Avengers join forces with the otherdimensional super-team Ultraforce to defeat Nemesis, the mad reality-restructuring being created by the merger of the Infinity Gems. The heroes succeed, but Ultraforce's world is remade in the process, causing subtle changes in its present and its past.)

Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude

(Dimensionally displaced Avengers members Black Knight and Sersi are reunited, but forces are conspiring to pit the Knight and his new Ultraforce teammates against his old Avengers teammates. Meanwhile, Sersi has fallen under the control of a mysterious, malevolent force.


Solo Avengers

1 F: Hawkeye and Mockingbird; V: Trick Shot

2 F: Hawkeye (origin)/Captain Marvel II; V: Trick Shot/Felipe Picaro

3 F: Hawkeye/Moon Knight; V: Trick Shot and Batroc's Brigade/Shroud and Night Shift

4 F: Hawkeye/Black Knight III; V: Silver Sable and Trick Shot/Last Knight

5 F: Hawkeye/Scarlet Witch; V: Trick Shot/John Kowalski

6 F: Hawkeye/Falcon II; V: Red Skull II/Scatterbrain; G: Peregrine and Sandman

7 F: Hawkeye/Black Widow II; V: Bartovian Liberation Front/KGB; G: Silver Sable and Sandman

8 F: Hawkeye/Doctor Pym; V: Blind Justice/Doctor Nemesis; G: Mockingbird

9 F: Hawkeye/Hellcat; V: Blind Justice/Mad Dog; G: Shroud

10 F: Hawkeye/Doctor Druid; V: Stonecutter

11 F: Hawkeye/Hercules; V: Bobcat & his Claws, Kranpuff/Dionysus and Butcher T. Washington

12 F: Hawkeye/Yellowjacket II; V: Abomination/Fixer II; G: Black Knight III

13 F: Hawkeye/Wonder Man; V: Bullet Biker

14 F: Hawkeye/She-Hulk; V: AIM/Titania II; G: Black Widow II, Mockingbird

15 F: Hawkeye/Wasp; V: AIM/Red Ronin; G: Black Widow II, Mockingbird

16 F: Hawkeye/Moondragon; V: AIM and SODAM; G: Black Widow II, Mockingbird, Doctor Pym/Pam Douglas, Gargoyle II.

17 F: Hawkeye/Sub-Mariner; V: Doctor Octopus, Madame Menace/Goldbug; G: Sandman

18 F: Hawkeye/Moondragon; G: Texas Twister, Shooting Star/Pam Douglas, Gargoyle II, Mentor

19 F: Hawkeye/Black Panther; V: Orb and Plantman

20 F: Hawkeye/Moondragon; V: Orb and Plantman; G: Sundragon, Gargoyle II, Cloud

Avengers Spotlight

21 F: Hawkeye/Starfox; V: Orb and Plantman/Rescorlans; G: Wonder Man, Dr. Pym

22 F: Hawkeye/Swordsman (origin); V: Brothers Grimm, Mad Dog, Bobcat/Wong-Chu; G: Mockingbird

23 F: Hawkeye/Vision II; V: Mad Dog, Bobcat, Bullet Biker, Death-Throws/Smog Alert; G: Trick Shot/AWC

24 F: Hawkeye/Firebird (origin); V: Crossfire, Brothers Grimm, Mad Dog, Bobcat, Bullet Biker, Death-Throws and Razorfist; G: Trick Shot

25 F: Hawkeye/Rick Jones; V: Crossfire, Brothers Grimm, Mad Dog, Bobcat, Bullet Biker, Death-Throws and Razorfist; G: Trick Shot and Mockingbird

26 F: Hawkeye and Iron Man; V: Loki, Wizard, etc. (žActs of VengeanceÓ)

27 F: Hawkeye/Avengers; V: Loki, Boomerang, Awesome Android

28 F: Hawkeye/Wonder Man and Wasp; V: Loki, Screaming Mimi, Angar, Mad Thinker, Gargantua; G: Mockingbird

29 F: Hawkeye/Iron Man; V: Karl Malus and the Power Tools/Klaw and Wizard; G: Dollar Bill and Madcap

30 F: Hawkeye; V: Lotus Newmark, Prince Charming, Stone Perfs; G: Mockingbird

31 F: Hawkeye/USAgent; V: Lotus Newmark, Prince Charming, Stone Perfs, Terminizer/Xenophobic Man

32 F: Hawkeye/USAgent; V: Lotus Newmark, Prince Charming, Stone Perfs, Terminizer/Xenophobic Man

33 F: Hawkeye/USAgent; V: Lotus Newmark, Prince Charming, Stone Perfs, Terminizer/Xenophobic Man; G: Mockingbird

34 F: Hawkeye/USAgent; V: Lotus Newmark, Prince Charming, Stone Perfs, Terminizer/Xenophobic Man; G: Mockingbird

35 F: Gilgamesh; V: B'Gon the Sorcerer; G: Sprite

36 F: Hawkeye; V: Lotus Newmark, Prince Charming, Terminizer; G: Mockingbird

37 F: Doctor Druid (origin); V: Terminatrix

38 F: Tigra; V: Tabur; G: Agatha Harkness and Ebony

39 F: Black Knight III; V: Crusader; G: Sean Dolan, Victoria Bentley, Valinor, Catherwood

40 F: Vision II; V: Roxxon