Earth's Mightiest Annotations
by Sean McQuaid
Supplemental: Tigra

TIGRA (Greer Grant Nelson) was the costumed crimefighter known as The Cat
until fatal wounds suffered in battle left her in the care of the
otherworldly Cat People, one of whom had created her physique-enhancing Cat
costume. The Cat People saved GreerĘs life by transforming her into a sort
of superhuman cat-woman called a Tigra, in which guise Greer continued her
adventuring activities and also pursued a career as a private investigator.
She joined the Avengers when Moondragon staged an impromptu membership drive
in Avengers [v1] # 211, but she quickly grew uncomfortable as she became
convinced that she was inferior to her fellow Avengers, and she left after
only a brief stint.

     Tigra was convinced to rejoin, though, as a member of the teamĘs new
west coast division (WCA [v1] # 1-4), and quickly became a mainstay of the
AvengersĘ western roster despite the emotional problems inherent in her
feline nature, problems resolved when the Cat People transformed her into a
stronger, more emotionally integrated Tigra (WCA [v2] # 14-15). Apart from a
brief leave of absence during an ethical dispute with the team (WCA [v2] #
37-41), Tigra remained with the AWC until she briefly reverted to a feral
state in Avengers West Coast # 49, a condition cured by Agatha Harkness in
Avengers Spotlight # 38. Tigra returned to active duty with the Avengers in
AWC # 66, serving until her resignation to reserve status in AWC # 74 for
personal reasons. Since then, Tigra has continued to assist the Avengers on
occasion as an inactive reservist, and last worked with the group in
Avengers [v3] # 1-4.

     Tigra is superhumanly strong and agile, with superhumanly acute
senses. Her prehensile tail can be used as an additional limb. She can
resume her human form by touching the mystical amulet she usually wears on
her costume. Tigra first appeared as the Cat in The Cat # 1, and became
Tigra in Giant-Size Creatures # 1.