Earth's Mightiest Annotations
Supplemental: Graviton
by Sean McQuaid

     GRAVITON (Franklin Hall) is a scientist who became a megalomaniacal
criminal after an accident gave him the ability to control the force of
gravity. His first foes were the Avengers, and he has fought them several
more times over the years.

He first appeared in Avengers (v1) # 158-159. His subsequent Avengers
appearances include West Coast Avengers (v1) # 2-4,
West Coast Avengers (v2) # 12-13 & Avengers Unplugged # 2.
Graviton is shown here wearing a new costume he adopted in
Thunderbolts # 17, his most recent appearance.

[Graviton is one of those Jim Shooter villains who has never seemed to
get the proper respect or handling by subsequent writers-- just like
the "super" Count Nefaria (164-166) and Korvac (167-177).  But
he's a favorite of mine, so I'm giving him a plug here.  And Kurt's
handling him great so far-- as he's done with so many other terrific
but underused Marvel villains of yesteryear.  --Van]