Earth's Mightiest Annotations
by Sean McQuaid
Supplemental:  Moon Knight

MOON KNIGHT (Marc Spector) was a mercenary who embarked on a new life as a
costumed crimefighter in honour of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who once
saved him from death. A loner by inclination, Moon Knight turned down
Avengers membership during a membership drive in Avengers [v1] # 211;
however, Khonshu convinced him to come to the AvengersĘ aid when they were
lost in time, since Khonshu owed them a favour (WCA [v2] # 21-23), and after
a probationary period (WCA [v2] # 24-32) Moon Knight was invited to join
their ranks. He accepted this time (WCA [v2] # 33), partly because Khonshu
was fascinated by the Avengers and wanted to observe them through
Moon Knight, exerting ever greater control over his disciple until he
eventually subjugated Moon KnightĘs mind altogether. When Khonshu left the
Earthly plane to battle the forces of rival god Seth, Moon KnightĘs mind
became wholly his own again and he left the Avengers in WCA [v2] # 41,
having been on an indefinite leave due an ethical dispute since
WCA [v2] # 37 anyway. He later resigned his Avengers membership altogether
on bad terms in Marc Spector: Moon Knight # 50, when the group called him in
to question his sometimes extreme crimefighting methods. He did respond to a
recent general membership summons in Avengers [v3] # 1, but decided not to
renew his association with the team. Moon Knight has appeared most recently
in his two limited series of his own.

     Moon Knight is a highly trained and experienced gymnast and unarmed
combatant, clad in a cloak that he uses as a makeshift glider. He also
carries a variety of hand weapons, most notably crescent throwing darts. In
the past, his strength has waxed and waned with the phases of the moon,
increasing to slightly superhuman levels under a full moon. He maintains two
civilian alter egos as millionaire Steven Grant and cabbie Jake Lockley, a
tactic that eventually led to his developing multiple personality disorder.

     Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night # 32.