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Millions and millions of Avengers Fans have Assembled here since this site was created in 1995!


The AvengersAssemble Podcast!

AvengersAssemble.net 20th Anniversary 1995 - 2015


Van Plexico, David Wright and Kell Carpenter discuss the founding of this very web site (AvengersAssemble!) twenty years ago, and then talk about their favorite Avengers, villains, storylines and much more, in Episode 054 of the White Rocket Podcast!

Van Plexico and Jim Yelton discuss MARVEL PHASE THREE movies announcement on Episode 051 of the White Rocket Podcast!

Van will be posting the original articles/chapters from what would have been the ASSEMBLED! 3 book here all year long.

01: Among Us Walks…a Goliath!
(Or, How I Came to Know Dr. Henry Pym)
by Doug Wadley

02: Whither the Vision?
by Karen Walker

The ASSEMBLED books were originally published to benefit the HERO INITIATIVE, to help comics creators in need. Learn more about their work and consider donating to them.

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Van defends the Armored Avenger against charges that he's just the "alcoholic Batman!" Puhleeze!


* Talk about the Avengers-related movies on the new Avengers movie section of our message board!

In the meantime, why not pick up a copy of ASSEMBLED!, our comprehensive looks at the Avengers throughout their nearly five decades of history, and ASSEMBLED! 2, an intensive exploration of the Big Three-- Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. 

*Be sure to visit our Message Board to interact with hundreds of your fellow Avengers fans!

* A Young Avengers retrospective?  You bet!  "Nutcase65" has reviewed all twelve issues of YA on the Forum, one issue at a time-- so tell us what you thought!

* Bob Wolniak contributes a massive undertaking: the Avengers chronology in real-world release order [in PDF].
* Bob Fronczak's updated Avengers Chronology in Marvel-time [now in PDF, too]Enjoy!

* Adrian Watts gives us summaries and commentary about other Avengers-related series, beginning with Iron Man (vol. 3).  Also see his similar treatment of New Avengers and the animated series.
* Adrian Watts contributes a Heroes Reborn retrospective and cover gallery. Where were you in '96?  (We were here, screaming, "Stop the madness!")

* Ultimate Avengers: The Movie DVD and Ultimate Avengers 2:  Read my first thoughts about it-- or read my full-blown review article for RevolutionSF.com-- with no real spoilers.

*  Avengers
Assemble! has been represented at
Dragon*Con almost every year since the founding of this Web site, in 1995! 
See you again in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend!

 * Photos from 2007 DragonCon:  Marvel vs DC Jeopardy and the Avengers / Assembled panel here

* Van reviews the Iron Man animated DVD for RevolutionSF.com and you can read it here on their site. (Or read it in our Forums and Talkback.)
There's also a "Teen Avengers" DVD...



The acclaimed books created
by the Jarvis Heads of AvengersAssemble.net

Profits benefit the HERO Initiative
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Iron Man, Thor,
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From "Stan and Jack" through
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Plus lots of extra features!

* Here is Van presenting the HERO Initiative with a check for the profits from our ASSEMBLED! book (so far) at the AvengersAssembled panel at HeroesCon on Sat., June 21, 2008.

* Silver Bullet Comics interviews Van about ASSEMBLED!

* Now on sale! Super Comics Trivia!
The answers/questions from all ten years of our Jeopardy tourneys at DragonCon!


Van Allen Plexico's SENTINELS
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The Avengers Assemble Web site, belonging to Van Plexico, founded in 1995, contains information and images and message boards about the Marvel Comics Group the Avengers Super heroes, from Avengers comics such as Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, Avengers Forever, Avengers Forever, New Avengers, Young Avengers, Ultimates, Ultimates 2, and features characters from Marvel Comics such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Ultron, Kang, the Thunderbolts, and others, with discussion of writers and artists such as Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Shooter, Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, George Perez, John Byrne, and more. These characters appear in Marvel Comics books such as Avengers, New Avengers, Avengers Forever, Young Avengers, and others. Avengers Assemble!