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The Jarvis-Heads

A Jarvis-Head makes an appearance
in AVENGERS Vol. 3, No. 10
courtesy of George Perez!  

The Jarvis-Heads* include the founders of the AvengersAssemble! Web site (in 1995), the Avengers Mailing List (or AML, in its original incarnation, beginning in 1996), and those who have made important contributions to either, over the years.  

The Jarvis-Head ranks include both longtime readers and comics professionals who have participated either on the AML/its offshoots, or by contributing material to the AvengersAssemble! site.

Know ye, then, the hallowed ranks of the Jarvis-Heads:


image retouch by Anthony Schiavino

The Founders  
Van "the Man" Plexico Founder and Webmaster; AML moderator; MV-1 Founder; Jeopardy host; "Detective Plexico"  [first printed letter]
Bobby "Internet Man" Politte Handled the tech aspects of setting up the AML and hosted the site in the early years
Vincent "Taskmaster" Alvarez There from the very beginning, with the first email that would start the AML, and many contributions since.
Sean "Encyclopedia-Man" McQuaid His contributions have been too vast, over the years, to enumerate.  A master of all things Avengers.
Ladd "Cap Gap" Everitt His bombastic, enthusiastic style kicked the AML and AA site into high gear from the very beginning.
The Pros
Kurt Busiek Wrote the AVENGERS, vol. 3, beginning in 1997.  Recipient of the Jarvis-Heads' highest honor, in 1999.
Tom Brevoort Editor of the AVENGERS and many other Marvel titles.  Co-recipient of the Jarvis-Heads' honor.
Fabian Nicieza Longtime writer of THUNDERBOLTS and NEW WARRIORS.
Bob Almond Great professional comics inker, and early Marvel Jeopardy contestant.  See the Inkwell at www.almondink.com 
Jim Salicrup Legendary Marvel writer and editor.
Keith R.A. DeCandido Writer and editor of diverse properties, including many of the Marvel novels for Byron Preiss Multimedia.
The Pros  (No longer active-- but Once a Jarvis-Head, Always a Jarvis-Head!)
George Perez Does he need an introduction?!  AVENGERS artist supreme.
Roger Stern Another legendary Marvel writer and editor, including a great run on AVENGERS.
Steve Gerber Classic Marvel writer (DEFENDERS, etc) and creator of Howard the Duck.
Tom Smith Brilliant colorist of AVENGERS vol. 3, among other work.
Geoff Johns Best known for his DC work, he wrote a run of AVENGERS late in vol. 3.
Steve Englehart Classic AVENGERS writer; honorary Jarvis-Heads inductee in 1997
Card-Carrying, Active Jarvis-Heads
Mark Beaulieu Baloo!
Mark Bousquet Bisquit.
Robert Bradley MicroHeroes!
Kell Carpenter The Dread Librarian
Rob Clough GrandMaster of Marvel Jeopardy; longtime AA! contributor
Joe Crowe www.revolutionsf.com 
Christophe Darras France representing!
Raphael Della Ratta Ratta tat tat
James Elmore  
Bob Fronczak Just lookin' to read some comics and play some golf.
Neil Gow Longtime British Jarvis-Head
Scott Harris Warlord!
Lonni Holland The Avenger Lady
James Hooper Captain Paramedic
Chris Kohler Captain Relhok, artist extraordinaire
George Kopec Longtime Jarvis-Head and Marvel Jeopardy co-host
Chris Luna The Living Search Engine
Kent McCorkle Kenty Mac!
David Medinnus Faf, the Balding Monkey, master of the Star-Spangled Site
Lisa Medinnus The lovely Mrs. Medinnus and a J-H force in her own right
Ernie Pelletier  
Mone Peterson Longtime Jarvis-Head who actually worked for Stan Lee
Mike Proctor  
Michael Proteau  
John Quiring Q-Dog!
Tom Reilly One of the earliest Jarvis-Heads and a steady presence through the years
Brian Schott Webmaster of AvengersForever
Ryan Shelton  
Trace Shelton Professor Shelton of the Texas contingent
Stanley Short  
Mark Squire Longtime Jarvis-Head and outright Fishist
Scott Thede Honk!
John Warren Warren-Nose; Johnny Zemo; longtime Jarvis-Head stalwart
Ian Watson Erudite contributor to Avengers online discussion for many years
Adrian Watts Australia's representative to Jarvis-Headdom; longtime MV-1 contributor
Tony Wilson Punisher!
David Wright DefDave
Brian Zavitz Bri the "Science Guy," a pillar of Jarvis-Headdom from the beginning
Some Notable Jarvis-Heads of the Past
James Harrahy
Michael McClelland
Luke "spin doctor" Smith
Kevin Newburn
Paul Bourcier
Jeanne Burch
Ryan Jones
Steven Stahl
Anthony Schiavino
Jess Nevins
Nick Favorito
Owen Erasmus
Jason Fritz
Jon Graby
Pat Barry
Ben Rhodes

*"Jarvis-Heads" name created in 1996 by Vincent Alvarez

One of the Earliest Reviews of the AvengersAssemble! Web site:

"A gem of a site for Avengers fans of all ages. There are reviews, FAQs,
character profiles and so much more. It provides a nice blend of text and
graphics so you don't get bored waiting for pages to load. This is run by
people who love their subject matter and can produce an excellent site.
They are only fans, but this is on a par with some major net players."

Rating: 9/10
From Comics International #93, April 1998