The epic saga of galactic warfare in the distant future
by Van Allen Plexico
from White Rocket Books


Legion I: Lords of Fire

Stripped of his authority by the Emperor of Mankind and assigned to duty in deepest space for failing to prevent the greatest robbery in history, Ezekial Tamerlane believes his career as a soldier is over.

But strange forces are at work, urging the Emperor to set out on a journey fraught with dangers into a nightmare realm a universe away from our own; and Tamerlane, like it or not, is going along for the ride.

What he and his high-tech super-soldiers find along the way will shake the Empire to its very foundations, and unleash a crisis of galactic proportions that not all the armies in creation can hold back...

Beginning a new Military SF/New Pulp Space Opera adventure from Van Allen Plexico: THE SHATTERING! The galactic crisis that led to the shattering of the galaxy and the rise of the Hands of the Machine is revealed at last!

"Plexico is the master of space opera." --Pulp Fiction Reviews

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Legion II: Sons of Terra

Rebelling against the Taiko's rule, planetary governor Rameses retreats to his base world of Ahknaton to consolidate his power and proclaim himself a living god.  In response, the Taiko dispatches Ezekial Tamerlane on a secret mission to discover the depths of the treachery.  But Rameses isn't the only one preparing for war, and now General Iapetus and his fanatical army, the Sons of Terra, are also being unleashed.  And where their reign of terror will end... who can say?

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Legion III:  Coming Soon!