The epic saga of galactic warfare in the distant future
by Van Allen Plexico
from White Rocket Books



Legion I: Lords of Fire

Short-Listed Finalist for Novel of the Year
by the New Pulp Awards and the Pulp Factory Awards

“Intrigue, betrayal, and plenty of action and adventure!”
–Doug Dandridge, author of the Exodus: Empires at War series.

Stripped of his authority by the Emperor of Mankind and assigned to duty in deepest space for failing to prevent the greatest robbery in history, Ezekial Tamerlane believes his career as a soldier is over.

But strange forces are at work, urging the Emperor to set out on a journey fraught with dangers into a nightmare realm a universe away from our own; and Tamerlane, like it or not, is going along for the ride.

What he and his high-tech super-soldiers find along the way will shake the Empire to its very foundations, and unleash a crisis of galactic proportions that not all the armies in creation can hold back...

"Plexico is the master of space opera." --Pulp Fiction Reviews

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Legion II: Sons of Terra

In the spirit of Warhammer 40,000 and the Horus Heresy! Armies of super-soldiers clash as massive colossus walkers loom over the battlefield. Ancient demons and godlike beings awake. And three mighty Legions converge to do battle upon the sun-blasted sands of Ahknaton!

Rebelling against Imperial rule, planetary governor Rameses has retreated to his base world of Ahknaton and proclaimed himself a living god.

With the Empire crumbling, attacked by all its foes at once, General Marcus Ezekial Tamerlane must lead a desperate mission to assault Ahknaton and end Rameses’ treachery.

But the forces he confronts are darker than he knows. As aliens, gods and demons converge and the galaxy burns, Tamerlane will find he must turn to the most unpredictable and dangerous of allies: General Iapetus and his fanatical Sons of Terra!

"Dune as written by Robert E. Howard!" --Pulp Fiction Reviews

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Legion III: Kings of Oblivion

Hordes of aliens under Goraddon's diabolical control have swept across the worlds of Man, leaving only death and destruction in their wake.

Humanity's greatest champions are striking back, hurling giant mechs, hovertanks, starfleets, and legions of super-soldiers at the foe.

But not all allies are what they seem to be, and treachery awaits at the most critical moment.

Now the fate of all existence rests on the will, the judgment--and the strong sword-arm-- of Arnem Agrippa and the unmatched fury of his III Legion, the legendary Kings of Oblivion!

“A mind-blowing, action packed finale far greater than anything we could have imagined."
--Ron Fortier, legendary comics and pulp author

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Lucian: Dark God's Homecoming

The critically-acclaimed novel that introduces the universe of The Shattering, the gods of the Above--and the demons of the Below!

The Power has returned!

And now I, the exiled dark lord Lucian, race across the planes of creation, a charge of mass murder upon my head, vicious foes dogging my every step.

My goals are simple: Justice for myself, vengeance upon my enemies, and conquest of the known universe if I get half a chance.

But events are conspiring to bring me together with some very unexpected allies, and to thrust me into the most unlikely role of all... HERO?!

"Great stuff. LUCIAN is an amazing book." --James Palmer, co-creator of Monster Earth

"Fans of Jack Vance and Roger Zelazny will eat this up. Good stuff start to finish." --Pulp Fiction Reviews

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Hawk: Hand of the Machine

In the wake of THE SHATTERING comes Hawk and the Hands of the Machine and war in a Shattered Galaxy!

The galactic agent known as HAWK has awakened too soon in a galaxy shattered by apocalyptic warfare. His master, the Machine, is possibly insane, and the great Adversary of Man has returned.

Now he must confront his former allies, turned renegades and pirates instead of soldiers. His new mission is simple, yet perhaps impossible: He must unite them--or all life in our galaxy will end!

HAWK: HAND OF THE MACHINE is vintage Van Allen Plexico-- stripped-down, all-out Military SF/Space Opera Pulp action and adventure in the grand tradition, with bold heroes, deadly menaces, and the future of the very galaxy at stake!

"Amazingly talented!" --Sean Taylor, author of Show Me a Hero

"Plexico writes some of the most readable action scenes around." --Barry Reese, creator of the Rook

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Legion I: Lords of Fire

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Legion II: Sons of Terra

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Legion III: Kings of Oblivion

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