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Van Allen Plexico is the Amazon.com Bestselling author of, contributor to, or editor of more than two dozen books and other works (and counting).

He's been published by Swarm Press, Airship 27, White Rocket, Maple St Press, Rittenhouse Archives, Pro Se, Adamant Entertainment, and more.
His books have hit the Amazon.com Top 10-by-genre and reached #1 on the New Pulp Best Sellers List and have been praised by Kirkus Reviews.


His columns and reviews appear regularly at the War Eagle Reader and RevolutionSF.com.
He is host of the Wishbone Podcast and the White Rocket Podcast, and occasional co-host of the RevCast.


You can see many of these works on his Amazon.com Author's Page.

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The Sentinels
My series of Pulp Adventure novels from Swarm Press and White Rocket
The Wishbone
My Auburn University sports and culture column (with John Ringer)
The Wishbone Podcast
John Ringer and I talk Auburn University sports and culture
The White Rocket Podcast
A one-on-one conversation about new & classic pop culture topics
Lion City Chronicles:
Van in Singapore
College Teaching Resources:
Syllabi and other resources for my students
College Sports: 
My History of Jordan-Hare Stadium and "Sports Geniuses"
My Pop Culture Pages:  
Avengers Assemble!, Sentinels, World Cup Eating Humor, and More

"Bloody addictive!
You must read these books. They are like nothing in heroic fiction ever done before."
--Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews, on the Sentinels series

"[The Sentinels series] offers a fresh take on the superhero theme."
--Kirkus Reviews

"A fantastic writer!"
--Lyndon Perry, The Fix


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