SIX QUESTIONS #2:  Kurt Busiek
  Van plays "Six Questions"
with former AVENGERS writer (and current DC writer)
Kurt Busiek
Kurt Busiek needs no introduction to AVENGERS fans, but I'll give him one anyway.  He came to prominence with MARVELS, wrote the under-appreciated UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN, has given us two-plus years of CONAN fun, and even managed to squeeze in a little work on NINJAK, of all things.  And that's not to mention revamping IRON MAN after Heroes Reborn mercifully ended (and even creating  good ol' Detective Plexico there!)

But Assemblers will always cherish Kurt's trifecta of AVENGERS volume 3, AVENGERS FOREVER, and AVENGERS/JLA-- towering work that will stand forever in the hearts of the fans.  For that, AvengersAssemble and the Jarvis-Heads presented Kurt (along with George Perez and editor Tom Brevoort) with plaques commemorating their "returning the Avengers to their rightful glory."

And, of course, fans also enjoy Kurt's inevitable response when he's asked what will happen next in his comics:  "Wait and see!"

So, this time around, we pose our six questions to Kurt "wait and see" Busiek!

1.  Name one Marvel Comics character you've never had the chance to write, that you'd like to.

Machine Man.  Yeah, I know, I got to write him in AVENGERS and THUNDERBOLTS, but I didn't get to really _write_ him, not like I could in his own series.

2.  If you could work with only one artist in all your future comics work, who would you choose?

Me.  But only after I got a special Cosmic-Cube infusion of talent and ability, so that I could draw like Brent Anderson, George Perez, Carlos Pacheco, Steve Epting, Butch Guice, Alan Davis, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Jerry Ordway, Alex Toth, Stuart Immonen, and anyone else I chose, whenever I chose.  So I better stick with the current setup...

3.  If you weren't writing comics, what would you probably be doing for a living now?

Writing novels, I hope.

4.  What writer, in any medium, would you say has been the most influential on your own writing?

Either Andrew Lang, since it was his collections of fairy tales that gave me my sense of what a story is, or Nevil Shute, for his
hugely-influential tales of ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances.

5.  Complete the following statement:  ________ is the most talented person working in comics today.

Stan Sakai.

6.  What word have you never used in a comic, but would like to?


Thanks, Kurt!  
And let me add-- I have no doubt whatsoever that a writer as talented as Kurt will, one day soon, be writing novels.  Wait and see!
Next time, a surprise guest answers the Six Questions!