SIX QUESTIONS #1:  Fabian Nicieza
  Van plays "Six Questions"
with THUNDERBOLTS writer
Fabian Nicieza

For our first installment, I decided to go to the guy who is arguably producing the most "classic Marvel-style" comics out there today.  And I mean that as the highest compliment possible.  As THUNDERBOLTS reaches its milestone 100th issue, we see quality storytelling winning out over flash-in-the-pan hype--as it has throughout its entire run.  Let's face it-- if AVENGERS had managed to make its character drama as compelling as TBOLTS has, for the last few years, it wouldn't have gone through half a dozen writers, a "disassembly," and Bendis-ization.

But enough of the setup-- onward to the Six Questions for Fabian!

1. Name one Marvel Comics character you've never had the chance to 
write, that you'd like to.

Well, I've pretty much had the chance to write every Marvel character at one time or another (except for Thor, I think, which is odd), but if you mean on a regular basis in a limited series or monthly, I'd have to say Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange or Captain America.

2. If you could work with only one artist in all your future comics work, who would you choose?

I can't answer that without someone feeling offended. There are many great artists I have worked with whom I would love to work with again anytime and there are many others I've never had a chance to work with, whom I'd love to.

3. If you weren't writing comics, what would you probably be doing for a living now?

Based on training, probably working in advertising or marketing in some capacity, but preferably, running an indoor sporting facility or soccer training center, if I could put together the financing.

4. What writer, in any medium, would you say has been the most influential on your own writing?

I honestly don't have an answer to that. There are so many writers in both comic, prose and screenplay writing whose work I have enjoyed and admired that haven't so much influenced me in how I write, but shown me differing approaches and possibilities to storytelling in general.

5. Complete the following statement: ________ is the most talented person working in comics today.

Not to sound like a brown-noser, but I'd have to say Joe Quesada. I have always thought he was one of the best artists of the last 15 years, but then to watch him grow into a very good editor, then also a very solid writer and ultimately, most impressively, an editor-in-chief of the largest comic book company -- while also improving all the while as an artist, crap on a stick, that's something you HAVE to tip your hat to.

6. What word have you never used in a comic, but would like to?

Magellan. For some reason, it's just a name or word I just realized I need to use.

Thanks, Fabe!  Keep those T'bolts gellin' like... um... nevermind.  
Next time:  Six Questions with former AVENGERS writer (and current DC-exclusive with Superman and Aquaman) KURT BUSIEK!