Firebird  (Espirita)  (Bonita Juarez)
     Former member of the Avengers (thirty-fourth recruit); former founding member of the Rangers. 

     A devoutly religious Catholic social worker who gained miraculous powers over heat and flame after a fiery meteor impacted near her in the desert, Bonita Juarez became a costumed adventurer in her native New Mexico under the alias of Firebird. 

     After briefly serving as a founding member of the loose-knit, southwestern superteam known as The Rangers, Firebird formed an ongoing alliance with the Avengers West during their mutual conflict with the rogue mystic Master Pandemonium, serving as a probationary member of sorts. 

     When the Thing was chosen over her to fill a vacancy in the active roster, a slighted Firebird left the Avengers.

          Bonita later returned in a new guise as Espirita (crafted to reflect her belief that her powers were a gift from God), and she aided the Avengers in their ongoing struggle with the alien computer entity Dominus; during this period, she also helped dissuade Henry Pym from suicide and encouraged him to resume his Avengers membership, briefly sharing a romance with him. 

     Espirita declined full Avengers membership herself, preferring solo activity as she came to terms with her powers and their spiritual implications; not long after leaving the Avengers, she resumed her Firebird alias and learned that the meteoric source of her powers was actually waste material from a failed alien experiment. This revelation shocked her at first, but she soon made peace with it since she reasoned that her powers were still a gift from God, just not so directly given as she had previously imagined. Her faith in her religion was unshaken, and she continued to use her powers as a force for good.

     Firebird eventually made her Avengers membership official when she joined most of the other Avengers in agreeing to serve as part of a large body of on-call Avengers organized by Captain America. She occasionally served as an Avengers West reservist thereafter, but never joined the western roster full-time before it was disbanded by the Avengers. Regardless, the New Mexico-based Firebird kept in touch with the New York-based Avengers, participating in the post-Onslaught reorganization of the group and aiding the team against menaces such as Morgan Le Fay and Dominex, though she twice declined invitations to join the active roster.

     Firebird later accepted a detached service Avengers assignment at a monitor station outside Slorenia, where she and the Black Knight worked to study and possibly cure the imprisoned Bloodwraith. That assignment was interrupted when she and the Knight helped the active Avengers battle The Presence during the global war with Kang, and Firebird subsequently volunteered to stay on with the active roster for the duration of the Kang conflict, partly to offer counseling to disillusioned Avengers veteran Thor. 

     She and Thor developed a bond of sorts as Bonita began to realize that mysterious side-effects of her superhuman transformation may have made her immortal, seemingly impossible to kill. While she learned to cope with the knowledge that she may never die, she helped the immortal Thor cope with the despair and anxiety he felt regarding the mortality of his human friends and comrades. Come the end of the war, Firebird had helped restore Thor's zeal for life on Earth, and he gratefully saluted her for it. With the resolution of the Kang and Thor situations, Firebird stepped down to the Avengers reserves and returned to her social work in New Mexico. When the Avengers disbanded and reorganized following their conflict with an insane Scarlet Witch, Firebird did not rejoin the group.

Firebird (Bea, last name unrevealed, presumably Grey or DaCosta):
Judgment League Avengers member, resigned; member of JLX. An amalgam of X-Men member Phoenix and DC Comics character Fire, Firebird was a member of the Judgment League Avengers (a combination of DC's Justice League and Marvel's Avengers) in the alternate universe of Amalgam Comics (a temporary merger of DC and Marvel Comics). The character's abilities, appearance and personality seemed to be a fairly even mixture of the two source characters. Firebird and several other mutant Judgment League members formed a renegade team called JLX (a sort of Justice League/X-Men combination) to advance the cause of mutants.

Espirita (Bonita Juarez):
Alternate alias briefly assumed by Avengers member Firebird when she was under the mistaken impression that her powers had been conveyed upon her directly by God himself.