A Brief History of Kang, Part 9: Bedlam at the Baxter Building

By Owen Erasmus

Fantastic Four annual 3
Written by Stan Lee
Penciled by Jack Kirby
Inked by Vince Colleta

As Reed and Sue Richards prepare to get married Dr Doom summons a veritable army of villains to disrupt proceedings. Among them is Kang. Doom summons and controls his troops with an Emotion Charger that somehow reaches into the future to bring Kang back to the twentieth century. Maybe he was watching events anyway and just wanted to join in.

He doesn't make much of an impact however, immediately getting tangled up by Reed before being kicked back to where he had come from with his memory wiped clean by one of the Watcher's Machines.

Not exactly prime Kang, he appears in three panels, two of them crowd scenes and doesn't say a word. If it is important for any reason it is to show how far he has come since those days.

Owen Erasmus