A Brief History of Kang, Part 39: Kang Apocrypha 3: Heroes Reborn

When the Avengers and others fought Onslaught, they were shunted off into a universe created by Franklin Richards, where they lost all recollection of their old lives and fought some familiar villains. One of the first that this team of Avengers fought was Kang the Conqueror.

Kang came down in a spaceship ala Vol. 1 #8, and fought all comers. He wiped out the Swordsman, Scarlet Witch, and Hellcat with little difficulty. He then took out Captain America and Hawkeye with little effort. He used rays from his ship to knock out Thor and Vision, and captured the entire team and took their gear as prizes. He then revealed that he was doing this all to impress his love, Mantis, who was with him on his ship.

Nick Fury and SHIELD then attacked, yielding the same result. Thor then managed to free himself, calling his hammer Mjolnir from its stasis field and freeing the others. Kang brings Mantis with him to the battlefield, where the Avengers threaten her. Kang is distracted, the Scarlet Witch hexes his forcefield (which Hawkeye helps disable with a water balloon arrow), and Thor lays him out. His armor destroyed, he's helpless. The Swordsman considers killing him, but Cap stops him and Kang escapes, taking Mantis with him.

Later in the series, Kang is nursing his wounds, plotting revenge with Mantis. Loki drops by, and absorbs the both of them completely, removing them from this world.

Gee, that didn't take very long to summarize! The virtues of the Heroes Reborn books are that they were unencumbered by hindrances such as plot, characterization or coherency. Bad as the story was in the first encounter, the art was infinitely worse. Chap Yaep did lots of Liefeld-esque posing panels but did little in the way of storytelling; worse, it lacked Liefeld's unique style. Walt Simonson came along and mercifully wiped out this hideous Kang in issue 8. Of all of Kang's backstory, the fact that they chose to include Crossing-Mantis was one of the biggest mistakes they could have made. Avoid at all costs.

--Clough the Conqueror