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Avengers FanFiction

FanFic continuing the classic runs of Marvel Comics,
resuming the issue numbering prior to Heroes Reborn.

MV-1, an enormous and constantly expanding fanfic universe with shared continuity, picks up immediately after the end of Heroes Reborn, and continues Volume One of the Avengers and many other Marvel series.

Created by Van Plexico in the summer of 1997, and originally housed as part of the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Website, MV1 has since expanded into an enormous cooperative project involving numerous branch editors and many, many writers. 

Chances are, if there's something "Marvel-related" you like, it's there-- and if not, you might be able to start it there, yourself!


MV1 "Trade Paperback Collections"


Captain Marvel logo Volume 1:
Captain Marvel (with Ms. Marvel, Hercules, Drax, and Eros) in "Earthfall"
by Van Plexico.
Originally presented in MV1's Captain Marvel #63-69.


Thor logo
Volume 2:
Thor and the Warriors Three meet Galactus and the Celestials in
"Celestial Conflagration"
by Van Plexico.

Originally presented in MV1's Untold Tales of the Marvel Universe #2 and #3.


art by Eric Wolfe Hanson Volume 3:
The Invincible Iron Man lost in outer space and in alternate history in the critically acclaimed
"Meditations on the Abyss"
by Van Plexico.
Originally presented in MV1's Iron Man #370-381 and Iron Man 2001 Annual.


Volume 4:

Limited Series 
by Van Plexico
1: " The World is Not Enough"
2: "World Enough, and Time"
3: "How Many More Times?"

Avengers 414 
(tie-in with I, KANG storyline)


Volume 5:
Ms. Marvel

"The Return" & Continuing Adventures
by Van Plexico.
Originally presented in MV1's Ms. Marvel: The Return and issues 24-28.


Untold Avengers Stories by Van Plexico and David Wright

Van Plexico and David Wright present our fully illustrated AVENGERS collaborations.
We plot 'em together, then David works his artistic wonders, then I (Van) script over his art, and then we do whatever else has to be done to make 'em look right.

THE FACE OF THE ENEMY (featuring Henry Pym)

THE BITTER TASTE OF DEFEAT (an Untold Tale from the early days of the Avengers!)